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Magic mirror

Photo Mosaico Wall

We present a preview of the 2020 novelty for Italy, the PHOTO MOSAIC WALL allows your guests to take a photo and print it immediately through our very fast photo printer.
Each printed photo will be numbered and pasted by your guests on a special panel in the corresponding numbered square.
When the panel is completed with all the photos of your guests, as if by magic, the image of your choice will come out

Fully interactive Photo Booth able to entertain guests
and animate your wedding.



 If you are looking for an original way to entertain your wedding guests,
Magic Mirror Photo Booth is the right animation for you.
Thanks to this original idea you will be able to give moments of joy and animation to all your guests who,
besides spending fun moments,
will be able to keep a souvenir photo of your wedding.

Insured Fun

The Magic Mirror is the evolution of the Photo Booth and looks like a mirror with an elegant frame.
It's actually a complex photo booth system that reflects the image of your guests and,
through various digital animations will be able to shoot
some beautiful personalized photographs.
It is possible after taking the picture, choose to insert
of emoticons or a dedication or customize the photo
at will, using the exclusive touch screen directly.
Furthermore, the mirror offers different shooting modes
and allows guests to receive a photo with the personalization of your choice
(inserting logos, images, backgrounds)
GFG GROUP will also provide a variety of accessories to wear
(hats, wigs, glasses, props, ect), to make it even more fun.
Furthermore, the constant presence of our assistants guarantees an impeccable and professional service.

Magic Mirror Upgrade :

Get carried away with a click where you've always dreamed!

A shot in Bali? in New York? or under the Eiffel Tower?

Our mirror will allow you to transport your guests to the most beautiful corners of the world, staying in a room!

The Christmas Magic Mirror :

We present a preview of the novelty for Christmas, the extension of the mirror that will allow you to transport you to enchanted places, to give your Christmas events a truly special touch!

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